Sunday, August 14, 2016

Almost Heroes: Moshe Weinberger (21 Hours at Munich)

This is an odd one to do (since it is a real life account), but I'm going with it.

In 21 Hours At Munich, some evil Black September guys plan to kidnap the Israeli Olympic Team.  One man gets in the way that night...
He spots the suspicious men outside the Hotel and tries to fight them.  Unfortunately, they are armed and he is not.
Getting shot in the face does not put him down though.  I'd be down after having a gun fired near me in any way, so good for you.

He makes another stand, this time getting a gun from the men.  Unfortunately, there are more of them and he's shot again- many times, in fact.
Shockingly, he gets back up again!  He comes back one more time to stop them.

At this point, I thought that they were exaggerating, but this is the official account!
He gets a knife and tries to take out the bad guys again, wounding two of them.
Unfortunately, he's shot about five more times and he finally goes down.
A couple things to note here...

1) He's obviously A Hero for doing all this (in real life and in the Film), he's just not THE Hero.
2) This role was redone in Munich and played by his actual son!
3) Again- as far as we know/are told, this is what happened.

Sorry, Moshe- fate was not on your side today.  In pretty much any other situation/Film, you'd be Rambo!

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