Saturday, August 27, 2016

Almost Heroes: Tony (Demons)

Demons is alot of movie to explain.  Here are the key points...

- Cursed Film-within-a-Film
- Theater full of People
- Demonic Killers

With that in mind, meet Tony and his girlfriend.  She was playing with a prop mask in the lobby and got cut, which is how the infection starts both here and in the Film they're watching.
Soon enough, she starts to transform (in one of the Film's most iconic moments) on stage!
Tony puts aside his feelings to try and save everyone, attempting to lead them to the exits.
Unfortunately (due to unclear reasons), that's a no-go and Plans B-D don't exactly work either.

As for Tony, he ends up hanging on a ledge between two Demons, death seeming imminent.
Death becomes pretty certain then when the rope hanging him there is quickly cut!
Sorry, Tony- you experienced the most personal loss AND failed to save the day.

There's always 'next time,' right?

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