Sunday, August 28, 2016

Moviestopped: Blood Creek (2006)

Figures- I don't get the one with 'Superman' and 'Magneto' fighting Nazis!  Today's Film is Blood Creek, a 2006 Horror Film made for about the Budget one needs to buy a used Miatta.  Do they still make those?  In any event, this is part of the same DVD Set (as in one DVD!) as Grizzly Park, plus 2 others still to come.  To explain that Intro to those that don't know, there's also a Film called Blood Creek from 2009 with some future Stars like Michael Fassbender in it.  Instead of that Film, I get the one with annoying people going into the Woods with Ghosts.  Just my luck!  The Film does not feature anyone you'll probably recognize, so I'll spare you the Trivia.  I will note, however, that the Film's Star does apparently write for James Corden's Show- random!  Without further ado, the Review...
In a mostly-pointless Opening Kill, a couple in this Barn are killed by a noose and pitchfork.  Moving on...
Our so-called Heroes are a hodge podge of annoying people, albeit a little bit more varied than Park.

We get Obsessed With Recording Guy and Goth (looks like Stephen King) Guy this time!
Their random banter and drinking is interrupted by a mysterious woman, who is totally not a ghost!
They are going out to the Woods to camp the next day, but stop for Horror Cliche #524: Local Guy Who Says to Stay Away Due to Curse/Haunting.  Keep an eye on those teeth.
While waiting for the remaining couple to arrive, the group gets dared into wandering back through the cursed/haunted place.  They split into pairs- that way the Film can reach feature-length.
After alot of teasing, banter and nothing, they go back to Camp with the other gang.  That sure was...necessary!
Once that is out of the way, more filler and arguing takes place.  Great- now they're all drunk.

FINALLY something kind of happens as a few of the group are killed by such 'scary' ghosts as Glowing Eyes Lady and...Ghost Troubadour?
The remaining group is split up as some run to the Barn (why?) and others meet up with Gas Station Guy and suddenly good tooth.

So is Tooth Continuity something to keep an eye out for now?
Oh and he's also a Ghost.  Basically everyone is really.

All but 3 die, the latter of whom is now possessed.  One last chance to rip off Blair Witch.  The End.
Bad, bad stuff.  Like I've said many times, I won't solely fault a Film for having no money.  After all, who gets $200 million Budgets easily, save for Colin Trevorrow?  That said, make a good Film.  This is just not it.  I will somewhat credit them for trying to make the Film about the Characters, as opposed to just making them meat to be killed.  The problem: I didn't like any of them.  They were written so badly for the most part and not Acted all that well.  I didn't care about them for the most part and actively wanted a couple to die.  The Film has some slow, slow build-up.  That can work...if the pay-off is good.  Yeah, it isn't.  Here's the biggest thing: the choppy Editing.  It was done so often that it almost had to be intentional, although I can't see why.  It just looked so unprofessional and added nothing.  If it was done to make the Film seem more 'surreal,' it failed.  It made it look like these guys couldn't do much in one take and Editing was too tricky for them.  It just kept cutting so awkwardly!  All in all, it was not good.  If you want scares, look elsewhere.  In their defense, the Production Company Logo kind of told you that...
Next up, let's keep going with this Disk.  It has to get better, right?!?  Stay tuned...

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  1. That other Blood Creek is actually pretty good... certainly less bad.