Friday, August 5, 2016

Hello, Joe!: This Night, I'll Possess Your Corpse!

Viva Brazil!  Today's Film is This Night, I'll Possess Your Corpse, the oft-forgotten Film between At Midnight, I'll Take Your Soul and Embodiment of Evil, even though the latter is less than a Decade old.  So I haven't talked about him in years, but, well, who is Coffin Joe?  In a nutshell, he's a dick.  In a cracked nutshell, he's a dick who hates Religion, people he thinks are stupid and wants to procreate.  Insert Message Board User Joke Here.  Joe did a bunch of bad things in the last Film and freaked out, seemingly dying.  Since I'm now covering the Sequel, you know it is not true.  In this Film, he's back for more craziness.  Jose Mojica Marins has had a nice, long career and stuff like this makes it clear why.  To find out more, read on...
For some reason, this Film really needs you to know that it is a Sequel.  Were Brazilians not aware of things like this in 1967?
After seemingly being maimed and dying, Joe is alright.  Just like that.  Alright then...
He's now loose again with his weird Igor guy and...already monologuing like Bray Wyatt.
For reasons not addressed clearly in this Film, Joe has a Harem of women.  Okay.

He harasses and messes with them, since he apparently only wants a strong one.  The casual death of one lady dressed like she's right out of Manos sure seems random.
He picks one and locks the rest in a room with snakes...while they watch him have sex with the 'winner' above.  Ouch.

The rest all die, which will surely not be a Plot Point later.
After a filler part with Joe messing with some guard, stealing some money and framing said guard for murder, he finds out that one of his now-dead-ladies was pregnant!

This leads to the most notable bit in the Film- the suddenly-in-color Hell bit.  It is nice and freaky.
Back on Earth, he finds out that the lady he picked is pregnant.  Hurray!
She's dead now.

Coffin Joe kills some guys, monologues, runs, monologues, runs some more, monologues and finally falls into some mud.  He gets better (in 41 years).  The End.
A lot of good stuff, but also a lot of hot air.  Coffin Joe is an interesting Character.  That said, he talks ALOT about nonsense.  He really reminds me of Bray Wyatt in WWE, just minus the accent.  He even has a hat, albeit a different one.  His Monologues are not boring or anything, but they sure are pretentious!  I'm not clear on how I'm supposed to view the Character here as well.  He's flat-out evil and all sorts of an asshole.  However, I'm then supposed to care when his casual murder had consequences that he didn't like.  I'm also supposed to root for him when he's attacked...right?  He's portrayed as the 'underdog' in that bit, while also being the smartest person there.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel.  I do have to ask about his plans too.  He happens upon a guy who tries to pay him off from hitting on his Sister and quickly plans something silly.  He proceeds to kill the guy and frame the Bodyguard instantly knocking him out (with a blow to the shoulder) and dumping the body next to him.  Within 2 Scenes, the guy is out of Jail, so...what was the point?  On the plus side, that bit in Hell is freaky.  All in all, This Night is a pretty good Film that is a bit self-obsessed and silly at times.  It also gives you Marins' confusing logic one more time...
Next up, an Olympic-themed Slasher Film (sort of).  Will it go for the Gold or not even place?  Stay tuned...

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