Thursday, August 4, 2016

Quick Reviews: Lazer Team

Even though I'm not exactly a fan of the whole YouTube Red thing, I might as well check out this Film...
30 years ago, we were warned to prepare for an alien attack.  The Government plans for this by raising the perfect Soldier to use the equipment to arrive.
...unfortunately, we don't get him.  We get people like this...
Four idiots accidentally shoot down the Alien Ship sending the special gear and put it on instead!
So now the Government must train these guys to be Heroes in less than a week or the Earth is doomed!
Can these guys prove to be up for the task or do they not have the right stuff?
When the Aliens arrive for the battle, you'd better hope so!  To find out, watch the Film.
Silly, but ultimately fun stuff.  Lazer Team is certainly not the kind of Film that is going to win any Oscars.  The Plot is pretty simple, but does have some decent layers to it.  The 4 men all have some sort of personal connection that pays off here.  The Acting is pretty good all around, so no complaints there.  The CG looks nice and is mostly used only when it has to be.  The titular lasers/lazers here look good, which you'd certainly hope.  There's not alot of depth here, mind you, but it proved to be an enjoyable watch for me.  It is just kind of fun, with enough under the surface to make it a bit less than trifle.  It got a few genuine laughs from me- respect.  Stuff like this and Electra Woman & Dyna Girl prove that you can do something pretty good for not much money.  Hell, you can even reference Ghostbusters without breaking the Internet...
Pretty funny stuff and far more endearing than Space Cop.  If they make stuff like this all the time, I may like YouTube Red more.

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