Saturday, September 5, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Path to the Black Lodge

For once on time, let's see what this week brought us in the Town of...
This week, a kidnapping, a hook-up and the return of something truly evil!
Important Stuff
- After moving the body of Ted Raimi, the Police meet with Commander Stargate.  He has a tape of Windom talking about The Black Lodge. The dude is clearly nuts!
- Catherine and her brother open the 2nd Stage of the Puzzle Box and find a big piece of metal.  K.

- Bobby makes a move to help win back his lady, while Andy gives Lucy some tips for her pro-environment speech.  She also says that she is going to decide who gets to be the Daddy in 24 hours.

- Mr. Hayward tries to talk Ben Horne after revealing some old truth.  Donna investigates...

- Windom Earle kidnaps Stargate and tries to get information out of him.  He resorts to drugging him and gets some information.
- Billy Zane reveals that a close friend died and he leaves before seeing Audrey.  Later, she stops him at the Air Strip and they hook up on his Plane.  Is that still the Mile High Club?

- At a Dinner before the Pageant, Cooper and Heather Graham take the next step.  As he talks to her, the Giant appears and seems to warn him about something.  Why you no talk, Giant?!?
- Back with Earle, he figures out that the Cave Drawing is a Map to the Black Lodge!  That is when crazy shit starts to happen.  We see a figure start to emerge from a hole in reality...

It is Killer BOB!  Oh shit!
With only 2 Episodes left after this one, the big Theme is obvious- Impending Doom!

- Cooper and Graham's romance seems too good to be true.  Prove me wrong, Show!
- The mystery of Eckhardt's Puzzle Box makes you wonder what evil it will bring.
- Cooper and company continue to prepare for Windom Earle's move.  What will he do?
- On top of all of that, The Black Lodge appears to have opened!  That can only bring trouble.
Weird Moment(s)
For the most part, this one was played pretty straight.  No David Lynch (aw!) means that the field is open for Andy and Lucy.  Their one interaction definitely gets them the nod.
As a bonus though, how about this picture that Donna uncovers of her Parents with Ben Horne?
Less goofy, but still good stuff.  This one is all about solid build-up to the Finale.  As such, everyone gets a moment or two to shine.  Well, except for Nadine, Ed, Norma and Log Lady- your time will come.  What is the mysterious object from Eckhardt's Puzzle Box?  What is Eileen Hayward's secret?  Will Billy Zane ever return?  Will Cooper find true happiness?  What is Windom Earle's end game gambit?  What will Killer BOB do this time?  All of these mysteries and more keep me watching this Show into the final run.  As much in the dark as I can be, this one is near to see play out.  I'm gonna be sorry to see this one end!  Back to the Director trend, he's a guy you may not know by name, but you do know his kids...
With only 2 Episodes to go, things are surely about to get crazier than ever.  What could possibly happen next?  Stay tuned...

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