Saturday, September 26, 2015

Twin Piqued: Beyond Life and Death

As the Sun rises, we share one final day in the freaky Town of...
The Finale!  Shit!  Oh well, let us get to the crazy and see how things wrap up...
Important Stuff
- Cooper and company plan their next move, while Andy and Lucy finally hook up for real now.  Finally!

- Windom Earle takes Annie to Ghostwood and she enters The Black Lodge with him!  Freaky effect.
- After some head trauma, Nadine suddenly regains her memories of her old life...right as Big Ed and Norma are now going to hook up.  Should I feel bad or good for Mike Nelson?

- Ben Horne makes all sorts of drama at the Doctor's House and gets struck against the wall in response.  Mega-Acting galore here.

- In a strange joke, we see that Leo is still being tortured.  Ha, I guess.

- Cooper deciphers the Map and heads to the same location.  While Truman stays behind (at Cooper's behest), he enters the area in a similar manner.  He finds the Red Room, the Giant and the Backwards-Talking Man...among other ghosts of the past.
- In the real World, Windom Earle speaks through Mrs. Palmer at the Diner, while Shelly and Bobby talk of marriage.  Who's the random German Girl though?

- Elsewhere, Donna locks herself to the Vault Door to protest the Ghostwood deal.  Kudos to Lynch for the long, long take here.

- At the same Bank, Pete and Andrew Martell use the mysterious key to open a Safety Deposit Box...which contains a bomb.  We see glasses fly away, but no clear evidence of their (and Donna's) fate.  Of course, the 2 Actors are sadly no longer with we'll see how they handle this.

- Now the really crazy part(s).  Killer BOB shows up, Laura screams (see far below), Windom Earle shows up (see far below again), we get a look at Ray Wise (now with black hair again) and, finally, Cooper is pursued by his evil double.

The latter catches up to the former and seems to have taken over, leading to this iconic moment...
Sorry 1991 Audience- you're still waiting for closure!  I (sort of) feel your pain.
With so much insanity (it is a Lynch Episode, after all), there is still a Theme.  It is Transformation/Change...

- Bobby seems like he wants to really settle down.
- Andy and Lucy seem to have turned into a normal couple.
- After getting hit in the head, Nadine is back to her Season 1 self.
- In The Black Lodge, we see people transformed for better or for worse.  Ray Wise is back to normal(ish), while Laura is this freaky creature.  Cue GIF...
- The big one, obviously, is Cooper being transformed into a freaky, crazy version of himself controlled by his evil half.  Cue GIF (and lightning)...
Damn- I'd be pissed if I was left hanging this long.
Weird Moment(s)
With all the Black Lodge stuff, it is hard to pick one moment.  Is it all the backwards-talking?  The freaky expressions?

Hell, how about this random Jazz Singer guy who shows up, sings and vanishes?
In addition, Andy has some weird, deadpan schtick with Truman...but nothing will top this.

Crazy-ass shit!  How else do you describe it?  Cooper and Earle enter through a magic drape, meet some freaky people and one of them comes out evil.  It is just plain crazy.  Even if you don't count this, you get the mega-acting in the bit with Dr. Hayward, the stuff with Nadine and the sudden cliffhanger with the Martell Brothers.  This Episode certainly left alot of stuff open too, for better or for worse.  It is a shame that this one didn't get a proper Ending...assuming that Lynch wanted one.  Let's be honest: he might have been happier this way.  After all, he took his chance to follow up the Story and made a Prequel Film instead.  I'll touch more on that one after I see it.  Sorry, Mr. Lynch, but I'm watching the Story in MY order, not your's.  In any case, the Episode gives you plenty to think about, ponder and just generally be confused by.  This is Twin Peaks, so what else is new?  The Show was always best when balancing the absurd, the freaky and the funny.  While there's not *much* of the latter here (the long take aside), the Episode still delivers quite well.  I get why people were upset and wanted more...but I still liked this one all the same.  While I'm sad to be done with the Show, I can at least use this Picture that I've been holding onto for like 3 months now.  Enjoy...
With all of the current Episodes covered, it is time to recap.  Stay with me while I overly-analyze, won't you?  See you then...

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