Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick Reviews: White God (2014)

After hearing about this one online, I had to see it.  I'm not even a Dog Lover, but I can still check this one out...
The movie opens strongly with a pack of Dogs running through the Streets of a Hungarian City.  How did this happen?!?
Before that actually happens, we see our Heroine hanging out with her dog.  She's not in a great situation though, with a somewhat-angry Dad and a fractured Family.
She is eventually forced to give up her Dog.  Through a series of events, he ends up in the hands of a bad man who wants him to fight...and kill!
All of the events of the Film lead back up to the Dog Revolt in the City!  Hide your Snausages!
Will the love between a Dog and his Master conquer all?
Or will this Dog be too far gone to give us a happy Ending?  To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
Good stuff.  The Film is about as subtle as Firework Show, but it is still good.  They play this one a little broadly with the Characters and Themes.  You could do a Film like this in a more subtle way- granted.  As it is though, I still liked it alot.  The Story was solid, the Acting was good and it was really impactful.  When you see the bad Characters doing bad things, you can really feel it.  Films like this live or die due to empathy from the Audience.  In that regard, the Film really succeeds.  You feel for the Girl, you feel for her Dog and you feel like rooting against the enemies here.  Everyone is played fairly-broad here, but still portrayed pretty-richly.  If you can stand the (mostly-implied) abuse story, you will find a nice, enjoyable Film.  It isn't perfect, but who is?  If nothing else, it sure is less bleak than the next movie with 'God' in the Title that I have to see...
A rough one at times for you Animal Lovers out there, but a good Film all the same.

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