Sunday, September 20, 2015

Twin Piqued: Miss Twin Peaks

After a short absence, we return for the second-to-last time to the Town of...
With only one Episode left to go after this one, lots of stuff happens.  Will things turn out good?
Important Stuff
- In a moment of goodness, Leo sets Major Stargate free.  He eventually finds his way to Cooper, but can only speak in vague sentences.

Speaking of Leo, Windom returns and looks...freaky.
- Ben Horne convinces Audrey to join the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant to stop Ghostwood.

- Catherine and Andrew finally break the hunk of metal left by Eckhardt and it contains...a key.

- Donna confronts her Dad about the truth and later does the same with Ben Horne.  Is he...her father?

- Cooper and Heather Graham meet to discuss her Speech and...well, this happens.
- Nadine, Ben, Norma and the crazy Doctor have a get together.  Ben announces that he is going to marry Norma!

- The Pageant begins proper.  You get some dancing, some Speeches and some silliness.

- During this, Andy is chosen to be the Father of the baby.  Hurray for closure.
- Graham is chosen to be the Winner, but Windom Earle- dressed as Log Lady- kidnaps her.  Andy tells Cooper that the Painting is a Map as they plan to rescue her!
With so much going on, a Theme is trickier to pick out.  I'll go with...Scheming.

- Teen Witch schemes to win the Pageant by seducing Dick.
- Leo hatches a scheme to save Shelly by freeing Major Stargate.
- Windom's crazy scheme of cross-dressing, explosions and kidnapping actually works!
While one scheme failed, will the final one too?
Weird Moment(s)
Nadine's Wrestling Photos and Windom dressed as Log Lady are pretty hard to nothing does.

Plus, there is this out-of-context Screen Cap to enjoy...
Fun, crazy stuff.  I missed this Show for about a week, so it was nice to return to what worked so well.  Major Stargate saying crazy stuff- great.  Windom Earle looking crazy, being evil and playing dress-up- good stuff.  Cooper continuing to spout mumbo-jumbo while finally sealing the dealing with Graham- hurray.  The Episode moves at a great pace and isn't bogged down by any unnecessary Soap Opera.  There is obviously *some* Soap Opera here, but it is all good.  I'm curious to see where all of the Side Stories go and play out.  I hope that it all goes the way that I want it to, but I have no idea.  There's only one way to find out, I guess.  Before that, let's see what the *real* Miss Twin Peaks Pageant looks like...
Next week, the finale of the Show!  Will it be a big moment of closure or a disappointment?  See you then...

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