Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Flix: Lost After Dark (2014)

Are you ready for some retro?  Today's Film is Lost After Dark, a 2014 Horror Film that apes the style of a 1980s Horror Film.  Yes, the Grindhouse trend refuses to die.  Do we still care?  The question is simple: is this a good Slasher that acts retro or just a novelty act?  The Story involves a bunch of Teens that sneak off to Party.  Shockingly, they go to a murder house.  Can we get around to labeling those by now?  Get to work on that, Congress!  In the mean-time, let's take a SPOILER-free look at this one to see how it turned out...
After the standard Horror Movie Opening Kill, we meet our heroes in the wacky year of 1984.
A group of teens steal a Bus to drive off to a Hunting Lodge for a weekend of drugs, drinking and, well, you know.

When the Bus inevitably breaks down, they end up at this creepy Cabin.  Sure- why not stay?!?
In typical fashion, the group is full of criss-crossed romance, tension and stereotypes.  'Natch.
As they split up to chat and, well, you know, evil lurks.  What kind of evil?
The 'Killer Cannibal in the Woods' kind of evil, of course.  Who wins the Pool this Round?
I won't SPOIL this one, so you're just going to see for yourself if this one has any twists and turns...
I was hoping for a little more, but this is still pretty good.  For better or worse, this one wears its 'Retro' label proudly.  They play this one pretty straight.  On the plus side, they don't try to make it into a Comedy!  If you like these kinds of Films, this sure is one of them.  If you don't, it sure is one of them.  To be fair, it does play with the Casting a bit and not all of the Characters are as awful as they may seem.  Characters are actually kind of likable here.  That said, the Movie steals some Plot ideas, iconic imagery and the vibe of many other Films.  It is up to you whether or not you consider them to be thefts or Homages.  As a whole, I liked it.  It didn't do things too differently and that's alright.  I'm still not sure if the guys behind this should be Remaking my precious Waxwork though (as rumors say)...
Next up, I change things up and look at an old Film that nearly killed a major Studio.  It isn't so much Wicked as unmarketable.  Stay tuned...

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