Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Indie Flix: Felt (2014)

There is no way to quite prepare for this one.  Today's Film is Felt, a 2014 Indie Film just now making it properly on Netflix.  My brother hyped this one up to me, so I was pretty curious.  What the hell is this one?  It is the tale of a young woman who experienced a deep trauma and has yet to recover from it.  She retreats to her strange Art and behavior.  Can finding true love restore her sanity?  I won't SPOIL this one too much for anyone, so don't worry.  The key thing is to at least give you an idea of what to expect.  To find out more, read on...
This woman is haunted by a past trauma.  She is the saddest person I've ever seen in a Frog Costume.

It is especially sad when you consider the last one that I saw.
In spite of her friend's persistence, she continues to act isolated and more than a little crazy.
Seriously, this Jermaine Clement-looking dude is looking at you like this- you're nuts!
She hooks up with a new friend and then finds this guy to mess with.  Our heroine?
She later meets him again in Bates Motel-style and the 2 find that they have alot in common.  Still crazy though.
Will she refuse to let love and hope bring her back to reality?
The whole Film builds up to a big Scene in the Woods.  I won't SPOIL any more than that though.  The End.
A weird, mixed bag.  This one lives and dies by whether or not you can relate to its Lead.  The Actress does a good job with the Role, to be honest, but she is almost too crazy to like.  Your definition and mine may not match up, so just bear that in mind.  The real Star of the Film is the bizarre and inspired Art Design.  The Costumes made by our Heroine are surreal, DIY nightmares.  They look like someone in her situation could make, so kudos.  There is also some freaky Art and Sculptures shown here.  Beyond that, this is a jarring and bewildering Tale that is part Indie Drama, part Indie Romance and part Horror Film.  If you really love Indie Films and like an edge, this may be right up your alley.  If you like Horror Films and bizarre Character Pieces, it may also appeal to you.  As for me, I had trouble connecting to the people and staying with it.  The ultimate pay-off makes it kind of worth it, so I'm not condemning this thing as a whole.  If nothing else, it gives me this image to never explain the context of...
Next up, my love of Twin Peaks and my tribute to a Director cross paths.  Will this less-renowned Film be a fitting Tribute to a Horror Legend?  Stay tuned...

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