Saturday, February 7, 2015

Zoned Out: The Burning Man

As this Saturday comes, so comes a dark trip to...
In this tale, an aunt and nephew meet a strange man on the road.  How will this go?
Out on a Summer Day, our lovely lady and nephew are driving their old-timey car when they meet a stranger on the road.
He starts out normal, but eventually starts talking about weird, cryptic stuff like Burning Man and people 'being born evil.'

Oh and this IS the 'Scary 'Neighbor from Home Alone.  I knew it...but I checked all the same.
Eventually, they both get too worried.  The Aunt turns his own talk on him, goes all 'fire and brimstone' and they leave him on the road.
They get to their destination- a lovely Summer Home- and enjoy themselves.
Later on, they go out for another drive and see a nice, young boy on the side of the road.
All seems well on the drive back with him...until he starts talking the same way that the Man was.  The car stalls and...I'm not 100% sure what is supposed to happen.  It's bad, I guess.  The End?
An interesting tale, but kind of an odd one too.  It is based on a Short Story and apparently neither adds nor changes a thing.  As such, the odd, abrupt nature of a Short Story is put on a regular TV Segment.  That's not bad- just different.  The Story is strong, which is understandable when you know who wrote it originally.  On top of that, it was Adapted and Directed by J.D. Feigelson (who also did 'The Little People of Killany Woods'), the man who wrote Dark Night of the Scarecrow.  In addition, you have Piper Laurie as the Aunt, so no complaints there.  'The Man' is Roberts Blossom, who showed how well he can play eerie in his long Career.  It is all done well, so I guess I can't really say anything else.  It is weird, but it is good.  When you see who Wrote it, all of that makes sense...
Next week, I cover what is considered by most to be the best Episode of the Series.  Given the pedigree of those involved, it is no surprise.  See you then...

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