Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Streaming Standard: Danger 5!

I really wanted to write about this Show after my brother exposed me to it.  Now that it is Streaming on Netflix, I have to!

It is the return of Streaming Standard (remember that?) and I have some Aussie insanity to share..
What is Danger 5?

Basically, it is an Australian attempt to take the over-the-top nature of shows like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, but make it live-action and even more ridiculous!  It is pure camp.

The Plot
Danger 5 is a team designed and assembled to stop the schemes of the Nazis and kill Hitler.  Need I say more?

Just in case, I will mention that their Leader is a Colonel with an Eagle head.  Yeah.

The Appeal
It is pretty simple.  In the short run of this Show, just about anything weird you can imagine has happened.  Stuff like this...
...a little of this...
...and this.
The key thing is that the Show revels in being campy and cheap-looking.  That may sound weird, but I'm totally on-board.

Bear in mind that the Show is actually funded by the Australian Government, so I'm sure that they could have better effects if they weren't trying to be silly.

The Catch
Here's the thing- the Show is majorly-goofy.  I love it.  I know others that do as well.  Not everyone will 'get on board' with it.  It's their loss as far as I'm concerned.
In Summary, Danger 5 is ridiculous.  I like ridiculous.  They like ridiculous.  Everyone wins.

We're clearly not alone as Season/Series 2 is currently running in Australia right now.
Before everyone else starts telling you about this Show that you have to see, start watching it now.  Here's to Series 2 on Netflix...

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