Saturday, February 21, 2015

Twin Piqued: Pilot

It is Saturday, so it is time for us to take another trip to...
That's right- I'm starting something brand new for the Saturday Series.  So I guess it is our first trip.

In the Pilot, a small Town is rocked by the death of a young girl...and what follows.
This is Laura Palmer.  She was a popular High School Girl who everyone knew and loved.  Now she is dead.
After the body is found, it is time to call...Harry S. Truman.

I should mention that the Sheriff is named Harry S. Truman, because...David Lynch.
As you can see, the Mother takes the news well.
After awhile, another missing girl shows up wandering near dead down some train tracks.  Since she crossed a State Line, the FBI is called in.

This leads to...the first of, I'm guessing, 1,000 scenes of Kyle McLachlan and his Tape Recorder.
There is way too much to cover here in depth, since the Pilot is twice as long as every other Episode.  Here's a brief Summary for you...

- Laura has many secrets, including $10,000 in a Safe Deposit Box.
- The Town is full of shady Characters who must be up to something.
- Several of her Classmates have secrets.
- There is a tape showing her connection to another male Student not her boyfriend.
- In the middle of all this, a deer head apparently falls on a table.
Since I'm not going too in-depth this time, I can give you a good example of why the Show is worth revisiting.  Look at how much better the Show looks now compared to early Video releases.
 This is an odd one.  I should note that this is one of my few experiences with any of David Lynch's stuff.  I saw Dune, but I also know how cut up and redone that was.  In the End, who's to say how much of that was even his anymore?  So, like most Americans, my first exposure to true, unfiltered Lynch is Twin Peaks.  I won't lie- I was not disappointed.  The thing is weird as hell, but it does have great Music, really good Acting, lovely visuals (Now in HD) and a genuinely-interesting mystery.  For the record, I DON'T know who killed Laura Palmer and would like to find out when the Show lets me.  I also know that there is alot more to the Story, which I also don't know in any great detail.  I could have read SPOILERS over the last twenty-odd years, but I haven't.  Don't ruin this for me, please.  After watching the Pilot, I definitely want to keep going and am curious to see how this plays out.  In the meantime, let's all enjoy how the Pilot was marketed on Videotape (as a Movie) in Japan...
Next week, the mystery deepens.  Who is innocent, who is guilty and who is just nuts?  See you then.


  1. Twin Peaks is possibly one of the best shows ever made; you'll love every minute of it! Join us fans in randomly going on about cherry pie, owls and how new our shoes are! :D

  2. Yeeeeeah buddy...... Twin Peaks. Season 2 sucks in places but that's no fault of David Lynch. It was the network dweebs.