Saturday, February 28, 2015

Strange Killers: Black Sheep (2007)

Thank you, Chinese Calender Makers.  There are some Movies that you don't see often enough.  You may own them or know someone that owns them.  Even so, you stop and go 'I haven't seen this in a while.'  Black Sheep is one of those Films.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  I won't SPOIL it all here, so don't worry.  Here's the gist if you haven't seen it: killer sheep.  Need I say more?  I shouldn't, but I will anyways.  The Film is very much in the vein of a much more famous New Zealand Director- Peter Jackson.  This is good, fun Peter Jackson, mind you, not 'My Films must be 12 Hours long, since I have to inject my own Characters into a Story that I think is perfect all on its own' Peter Jackson.  I'm talking about his fun, crazy stuff like Brain Dead, Meet the Feebles and Bad Taste.  Good shit.  In this Film, a Brother with a fear of Sheep must return home to settle the estate run by his Brother.  Things go awry, however, as Science meets Nature in a big, bloody mess.  To find out more, read on...
As a young man, our hero is scared of Sheep- thanks to a prank by his brother.  That's why he hates New Zealand- since Sheep statistically out-number people at least 3-to-1.
In the present, he must return to help settle the dad's Estate after his death.  He's not happy about it.

Meanwhile, some people trying to put a stop to Farming run across some freaky creatures.
The groups eventually unite and learn that the Sheep are bigger, meaner and uglier thanks to Genetic Engineering by the Brother.  He wants to breed the biggest, most productive ones around.
He leaves them to die, but discovers a bite on his hand from earlier.  That can't end well, right?
They escape and try to warn people before the Sheep get loose and go on a rampage.
You see, the Brother invited a whole bunch of business people to sell them on the Sheep and...crap.

Oh and you'll see more of these people soon in a different Induction.
With all hell breaking loose, our heroes try to make it out alive.  If it works in Looney Tunes...
Without SPOILing too much, I will tell you that some weird mutant people show up.  It is fun and gross.  Go see the Film to find out more.  The End.
This is weird.  This is crazy.  This is ridiculous.  I love it.  It is admittedly a niche Film.  So what?  This is a Film about killer sheep, mutant Sheep People and the humans that get in the way.  It is not a serious Film.  At the same time, it is not a tongue-in-cheek that constantly feels the need to nudge you in the ribs and go 'Funny, right?  It is just silly and doesn't feel the need to make a point of it.  The mix of playing it serious while the situation is silly is what always tends to do it for me.  That make sense?  Good.  Everything about the Film feels as authentic as a movie about mutant Sheep can too.  I love the gross-out effects, even though I know that it will be too much for some of you.  It never goes too far into the 'try to make you vomit' territory that alot of the more recent stuff (like Saw) does.  It just shows off what they can do with Practical Effects.  I will get off this Topic before it seems like I'm going on another diatribe about Practical Effects vs CG.  I will just say this: this Movie rocks.  You should see it.  Go ahead.  I will leave you with this reminder that all films shot in New Zealand now have to have big, scenic shots...
Next up, I attempt to redeem the original Version of a Film.  After Uwe Boll's Remake, this inherently has to be better.  Stay tuned...

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