Sunday, February 22, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Alien Outlaw (Part 1)

Given the Film's penchant for killing random people, I can keep this up for awhile!

In Alien Outlaw, we meet a cute young thing in pink.  She's working at this Farm for the Summer.
These two rednecks show up and hit on her.  How can you turn down a guy with a pole?
Well, she does.  The Film kind of jokingly-implies that something dirty would happen to her if she did go with them.  Comedy?
She stays behind as everyone leaves, including the Farmer (to be inside).  Back to work!
...or rather instantly attacked (and killed) by one of the Aliens!

It actually happens so suddenly that you'd think that the guys would see it in their Rear View as they drive away!  They don't, of course.
This poor girl does nothing, except for possibly avoiding date rape.  That means that she must die!

What's the lesson?  Doing your job is more dangerous than ditching it?  Look around for Aliens that you should be able to see coming at you from across an open field?

Just in case- do both.  That or avoid North Carolina's random Alien Outlaws.

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