Monday, February 9, 2015

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Poseidon Rex

It's back!  I know you missed it...

In the 'Classic' Film Poseidon Rex, a mutant Dinosaur- basically a T-Rex that swims- is loose near an island.  Our heroes escape for the time being.

The Police- all 3 of them- are going to leave and get the Military to help.
Alright- sounds like a plan!  All is well.
Godspeed!  Call in the Calvalry!
Hey- what's that in front of you?
Oops- the Dinosaur ate you.  I hope you had Insurance!
Admittedly, this isn't a perfect instance, since they did delay a bit.

All the same, it served the same purpose and was also incredibly-unsurprising, works.

As always, feel free to suggest any other Film moments that would work.  I'm all ears- it is a serious medical condition.

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