Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rare Flix: The Black Gestapo

I am going to end up all sorts of weird Search Results now.  Today's Film is The Black Gestapo, a Film know.  Actually, you don't.  This one is not exactly how it is advertised.  It is about Black Militants, but it is set in the Present (of the 1970s) and not in Germany.  It is a great Title though.  In the Story, a group of Black Militants try to keep things equal for their people.  However, there is all sorts of crime and corruption that is hurting the community.  One of them takes things further than ever, leading to all sorts of chaos.  Who's wrong?  Who's right?  Ha ha- just kidding.  This movie isn't nearly that subtle- one of them is obviously evil.  The best and worst part of this Film is the fact that it plays out in such a cliche manner.  You have white criminals, topless scenes, a white hooker, fake kung-fu and people doing drugs.  If you enjoy the cliches, you will laugh.  If you don't, it will just show you how cliche these things got.  Regardless, I watched it and will tell you just how silly this thing is
Our 2 Heroes are part of a small, but efficient organization designed to keep peace in Los Angeles.
The problem: some criminals who know fake kung-fu/stage fighting are making life hell for many.
Naturally, the Crime Boss is an evil White Guy.  As a bonus, he looks like 'The Micro Machine Guy.'
The more militant half of the duo gets permission to act more assertively when the other's girlfriend is raped.  If the militant guy looks familiar, it is because he's 'Mac' from Night Court!
He specially-trains a small group to get order/revenge.  This guy loses 'his boys' to them for the rape.
On top of that, they generally get more aggressive.  This brings reprisal and more action.
With power swaying their way, the group gets more...well...Hitler-y with their look and style.
Finally fed up and aware of their corruption, the Leader breaks into the Camp and kills most of them.
It all leads to a knife fight/fake kung-fu fight between the two Leads, which the good one wins.  Pool fight?  The End.
It is pretty run of the mill, to be honest.  Once you get past the scintillating Title, there's not much here that you haven't seen before.  Like I said earlier, all of the Cliches and Tropes you expect to find are here.  You do get a bunch of topless scenes- with both black and white ladies.  You get some silly fight choreography, lots of shooting and a few explosions.  The one twist here is that it doesn't come down to the Black Hero fighting the White Villain.  That is fairly-unique for this Sub-Genre.  There are a few Scenes of Graphic Violence, but it is generally far more implied than shown.  There is some rough stuff involving the Girlfriend of our Hero though.  She does NOT have a good time here.  For all of the good and bad that comes with it, this Film is very typical of what you get in Blaxploitation Films.  There's not much new- love it or leave it.  It is funny to see 'Mac' play such an evil bad-ass though.  While this Film marks the end of The Black Gestapo, they will be happy to know that someone took up the mantle in WCW circa 1995...
Next up, I celebrate The Year of the Sheep with a Horror Film.  While there's no Farley, this Sheep is actually quite funny!  Stay tuned...

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