Friday, February 27, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Alien Outlaw (Part 2)

Another Poor Bastard from Alien Outlaw?  Why not?

In this later bit, two Deputies are investigating the Crime Scene from the Intro kill (about an hour in).  One of them follows some tracks towards the river.
He finds a man (Walter Cronkite?) in a small boat and asks for a ride across it.
The old man is confused by his odd, yet reasonable request.  That or he can't hear him.  Either way- Comedy!
The 'jokes' end when one of the Aliens (There are three, you know) pops out of the water!  It attacks!  Why was it down there?
To complete the Scene, another Alien attacks the Deputy (but not the Sheriff!) on the other side.
So, that's it- they both die.

Would they have killed the old man if not for the Deputy's arrival?  Maybe.  It could be that the Alien was just panning for gold and would have let it slide.  Dunno.

The lesson: if you see a Cop while you're in a boat, keep paddling!  Trust me!

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