Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Crap: See No Evil 2

I kind of saw this coming.  A couple years ago, I finally saw Kane's debut Film- See No Evil.  It wasn't great, but I've always had a soft spot for the guy.  He's always been one of those guys who is talented, but always tended to get the shaft as far as good Stories went.  He has presence.  I said in the Review that I hoped that the follow-up Film would give him the right vehicle.  Well, I saw it.  It didn't.  It is notable for being made by the Soska Sisters, a pair of polarizing Lady Directors.  This is my first Film of their's, just so you know.  The Star is Danielle Harris...who must never sleep.  She's in, what, 16 of these a year?  Damn!  Need more?  How about the older Sister from Ginger Snaps?  She was in a good Film over a Decade ago- good for her.  So what is See No Evil 2 about?  We cut right to the same night from the First Film, which means that we get to time-travel!  Jacob Goodnight- I still find that name funny- comes back to life...somehow and starts killing again.  This is one of those 'Don't ask questions' Films, but not in a fun way.  It is just stupid.  Even so, I owe it to you to cover it.  Thank me later...
In a Morgue, it happens to be one of the workers'- Harris- Birthday, so why not have her party there?

They get the call that bodies from the previous Film are being brought in.  This includes Jacob, since you would just put that anywhere.  It's not like he just killed a dozen people.
The party disperses- to all have sex in different rooms- and one couple (with Isabelle) decide to have sex...on the slab next to Jacob.

By the way, how creepy is the 'split up to have sex' Trope when your Film is set in a Morgue?
Since this is a stupid Film, their 'immoral sins' revive Jacob, since...reasons.
It is about here where the Film starts to fall apart- more than it already has.  The people run around and Jacob/Kane kills them.  That's pretty much it.
Nobody can apparently leave and nobody has a cell phone.  It is all very...orange.
More hiding.  More killing.  More...of the same old shit.
With a giant killer wandering around, who will live and who will die?
I can guarantee you one thing: you'll scream.  It may be how it was intended or it may not.  The End.
It is not good.  It is really not good.  If you like Slasher Films and have no standards, this is for you!  If you actually care about what you watch, your reaction may be different.  For what it is worth, Kane does still make the most of this.  The problem is that he barely speaks, is muddled down with Stock Footage (since the original Film was made 8 years earlier) and has his face covered up in make-up.  Ironically enough, his look here does remind me of Jim Ross' famous call about masked Kane- 'He's a one-eyed monster.'  Ha ha- innuendo.  To be fair to the Film, it delivers as far as gore is concerned.  There is some CG blood, but there is some practical stuff too.  I won't say that it redeems the Film for me, but people that only want to see people get killed will be more lenient.  It is just...so uninspired.  I thought the Soska Sisters were unique and all that shit.  We have seen generic Slashers like this for 30-odd years now.  The most interesting thing to me is how Kane is now billed as his real name with his wrestling one in the middle.  Given who pedestrian his real name is, it is kind of silly...
Next up, I've just got to squeeze some more Blaxploitation into February.  It will be with Monsters- human or otherwise.  Stay tuned...

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