Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Re-Review: Gunmen

It's all about the guns.  The short version: Christopher Lambert is a film called Mean Guns and Gunmen.  It's a weird coincidence and it is just that- a coincidence.  Regardless, they're both kind of fun films about shooting.  In both films, Lambert is not exactly a nice guy.  In both films, he is working with a black actor notable for appearing in B-Movies.  In Guns, he faces off with Ice-T.  In this film, he is friends/enemies with Mario Van Peebles.  He's great, even if his Resume includes Jaws: The Revenge and Highlander III (also with Lambert).  It is also important to note that this film was Written by Stephen Sommers.  Yes, the same guy who made The Mummy, G.I. Joe and Van Helsing.  The film also features a couple interesting Actors including Dennis Leary and Patrick Stewart.  The plot is simple: people want money, have guns and will use them to get it.  To find out how well the film holds up on a second look, read on...
Lambert is an enigmatic prisoner who knows the secret to getting at a bunch of money.
A man- Patrick Stewart- wants it.  It's nice to see that dude from Lifeforce getting a big break.  I hope things worked out for him.
A government agent- Peebles- is hot on his tail and this sets up the basic structure of the film.  People catch Lambert, Lambert ends up with Peebles, people catch Lambert, etc.
Lambert and Peebles have a whole love-hate relationship.  There's actually a plot point of them both shooting each other in the leg.

Ha ha ha- that could (and probably would) kill you.
They make up, sort of, by working together to get the money.  Hurray- they threaten and kill others!
A high point of the random action scenes: this guy doing a flying spin to 'sell' that he was shot by a rifle.  I haven't seen one guy commit so much to his craft since The Octagon.
In the End, the pair find the money and ride off into the Sunset.  The name of that boat, you ask?
It's the 'title line' of the film.  Is this the early version of 'Put the title at the end of the movie' trope?  The End.
Guns guns guns!  There's not really much to the film.  It's a bunch of action scenes strung together with a pretty loose plot.  It is interesting to see the people involved, whether its Sommers, Leary or Stewart.  Other than that, it's pretty basic.  That's not to say that it's not fun.  The problem is just that there's not much else to say about it.  Shooting, fighting and more fighting- ahoy!  The most memorable thing to me is still this image of Lambert...
Up next, another Bollywood film.  Despite being a familiar title, it is actually a rip-off of something else entirely.  Stay tuned...

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