Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Because I Watched It: Old School Cartoons of my Youth

What's old is new again...and old yet again.  That make sense to anyone?

When I was growing up, I watched a shit-ton of cartoons.  When I was that age, a bunch of older shows were dug up to play as cheap reruns- not that I could tell at the time.  Let's start off with the weirdest family to not get a cartoon back-story...
Seriously, did I miss an Episode explaining any of this?  It seemed to just be- they're on a weird accept it.

Next up, the best Superhero to get an ironic Adult Swim show later.  Sorry, Space Ghost, but it's...
You can't help but sing along at the end.  Admit it!

Up next, the best/worst Superfriends show.  No Wendy, Marvin, Jan or Jayna- thank Jeebus!
Two things to note: the token extra characters and Black Vulcan aka a pretense to not pay the licensing fee for Black Lightning.  Thanks, Capitalism!

Finally, a goofy-ass show that I loved.  It's hard to defend, so...shut up.
This show is just made of win.  It's true 1980's cheese and I love it.  Yes, even you, pointless baboon.

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