Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seriously?!? : Young Einstein

You're not as smart as you think!  Yahoo Serious is a comedian who had a fairly-successful run in the States for a while, even getting a film or two released here.  Then again, even Carrot Top got one movie!  So who is Yahoo Serious?  He's a strange guy who likes physical comedy broader than the circumference of the Earth!  In this movie, he is playing Albert Einstein in a weird bit of alternate history.  You're disrupting the time-space continuum for an obscure, import comedy?  Yea.  Will the movie turn out to actually be good though?  I don't hold out much hope, but you might.  Get out your young mustache as a gift for...
The film begins in Tasmania with a family living in the wild.  They live in a shack and work off of the land.  Incidentally, the film never addresses the one key bit of confusion: why is their last name still 'Einstein?'  We're just going to ignore that point, aren't we?  Albert- a very Tasmanian name- is a free spirit and is more interested in Science than in work.  Ha ha- it's funny because he's lazy.  After a cameo by the worst Tasmanian Devil costume ever, Albert continues to work on Science.  His dad gives him something to work on: putting bubbles in beer.  That's Science done right!  Through a bunch of silliness, he stumbles across the Theory of Relativity.  Yes, it's that easy.  He uses the theory to help make special beer...which causes it to blow up.  Well, that was a tedious 20 minutes, but at least it's...oh, he's still alive.  Yes, Albert Einstein is harder to kill than the common cold!  While it blew up their shack, it did also create the beer they wanted to make, so he goes off to the city.  It's a long trek from the Tasmanian Desert to Australia, so let's have ourselves a montage!  Prop comedy!
He ends up on a train that's just full of plot convenience.  He ends up in a cabin shared by two people: an Australian Patent Office Worker and a French woman- Marie Curie.  What she was supposed to be doing on a train going through Tasmania is anyone's guess!  They converse for a bit before getting into the city.  Albert tries to patent his *sigh* Theory of Relativity, but is turned away because it's not an actual invention.  He ends up at a 'flea bag Motel,' although he doesn't seem bothered.  Ha ha- it's funny because he should!  He runs across Curie again- how convenient!- and sparks start to tentatively fly.  By the way, Curie is not actually French- she's Polish!  Albert spends time in his tiny Motel and invents...the Electric Guitar.  No, really.  The people at the Patent Office are none too pleased with the device, not realizing that it's a Deus Ex Machina for later.  His Theory of Relativity, however, is taken by the guy from the train and put into patent as a way to make beer.  Big shock- he's the villain!  To cover up his crime, he has Albert sent to an Asylum.  Good call...I mean, boo.
Marie is upset by this discovery & sneaks into the Asylum to get him out.  Albert has given up, however, in spite of getting a kiss from the Polish-French woman.  He has an epiphany and changes his mind, using his guitar to blow out the electric locks.  He finds that Curie has returned to France for the Nobel Prize Ceremony.  Yes, it's apparently an Oscar-like ceremony now.  He gets there and convinces Curie to go with him to stop the guy from the Patent Office.  Why?  He's built a giant nuclear generator to show off the beer with bubbles.  That might blow up all of Paris, dude.  We get a cameo by Charles Darwin, which the movie drives home by having his beagle dog walk out with a sign around its neck that says 'The Beagle.'  Let me get out my own sign that says 'We F-ing Get It!'  The pair arrive, but it's too late to stop him from activating it.  Thankfully, Albert brought his Electric Guitar and uses it to pull all of the Nuclear Energy out of the device.  I don't know- just go with it!  He ends up getting himself nuked- and put in black-face...and body- but lives to get his Nobel Prize.  He returns to Tasmania with Curie and gets the movie to 90 minutes by doing a song for the last five.  The End.
You can't be serious?!?  The plot of this movie is just silly...and acknowledges it.  Mind you, I don't really think that it gives you a pass.  You can't make a shit movie on purpose and have me go 'Well, you achieved your goal!'  The film failed on the most basic level- I didn't laugh.  I made weird faces at some of the bizarre shots and hairdos that the guy had, but that's it.  The physical comedy was just forced and one-note.  You got the only real joke about ten minutes in & it just gets used again and again.  I'm sure that there is an audience out there for this movie, but I'm not it.  On the plus side, Netflix only carries one other Yahoo Serious movie- 1999's Mister Accident.  Please don't ask me to do that- I'm serious.
Next up, we close up February with a zombie film.  Well, those are never disappointing, right?  Stay tuned...


  1. DUDE I havent seen this since I was 5yrs old, the Tasmanian Devils were awesome from what I remember. If I laughed at 5, will I not laugh now?

  2. Interesting argument, Carl. Do you still laugh when you watch 'Clarissa Explains It All' or 'Barney' still as well?