Saturday, February 12, 2011

Impossibly-Confusing Cover Art: Naked Killer 3

What happens when you awkwardly ret-con another film into your series?  Furthermore, what happens when your memo about 'keep the cover simple' doesn't reach the Advertising department?  This...
Aside from the obvious comments- 'Everything is bigger in Japan' and 'Why is he licking her when those things are right above his head?'- I have to ask: Why does this film have two titles?!?

Did the Head of Marketing- I'm going to guess it's Chang- put in the 'Naked Killer 3' title and his assistant- also named Chang, probably- put in the actual title on the top?

As a side note, thanks for explaining that the film has 'Blood, Drilling and Rape.'  I was fine with the 'Blood' and the 'Drilling,' but the 'Rape' is too far!

P.S. Can you have 'Drilling' without 'Extreme Violence?'  I guess if you're a DVD of Home Repair, maybe.

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  1. Its like, it starts off being awesome, but then BAM, eartongue.