Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mondo Question: Why is there always a robot in 'Alien' films?

This is a new segment that may or may not take off.  Basically, I'm looking for feedback on this question.  Hit me back, please.

So, as the title asks, why is there always a robot in Alien films?  This is even in the rip-offs too.  Let's just take a look...

Alien- a key plot-point involves 'Bilbo' being revealed as a robot.
Aliens- 'Frank Black' is cut open to reveal his robot parts (and lots of milk)
Alien 3- There's no new one, but 'Black' is around again- just because they wanted Lance for his other role, I guess.
Alien Resurrection- 'Girl Interrupted' is a robot- just because.
Unknown Origin- This rip-off features Roddy McDowall's assistant as a robot.
Plaguers- This recent rip-off (with some extra stuff) features 'Charles Manson' as a robot.

So....why?  Why?  Is there a reason?


  1. Aliens and robots go hand in hand, mostly because robots are a metaphor for the future, and aliens only exist in the future. Note the significant lack of robots in the AVP series, set in the present. Handled.

  2. Technically, the aliens did exist in the present...since they existed in the 'AVP' series.

    Speaking of which, if people have fought them on two different occasions now, why are they surprised by their appearance in the 'Alien' films? Wouldn't it be like 'Oh look- it's a bear. I've seen 100 of those things.'

    I'm probably over-analyzing this, aren't I?