Monday, September 13, 2010

Sounds Like: Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye

Ah Giallo, you are a strange genre.  You basically produced the same three or four different films with different titles over a ten year period.  In spite of that, I still love you.  Sure, most your 'children' attempted to emulate Blood and Black Lace & Deep Red.  Hell, a couple of them even emulated the titles pretty blatantly. On the plus side, those were two damn good movies.  This brings us to today's film- Seven Deaths in the Cats Eye.  You see, Giallo films are famous for their great titles.  In fact, some smart guy made a list of those at one point.  This movie was made by Antonio Margheriti, a good director who has made good films.  Was this one of them or does it just disappoint like Web of the Spider?  Let's find out, shall we?  Get out your cheeky monkey for my review of...
The film's premise is simple: a family of weirdos lives in a Scottish Castle and do weird things.  They have a monkey, they have a cat that never stays still and engage in some salacious activities on the side.  Naturally, there is a normal girl amongst the group that has to stay sane and some murders take place.  She has her own dark side, of course, but they're nothing compared to everyone else.  Maybe this friendly priest can help them out.

Will the killings stop?  Will they find the culprit?  Will sanity be restored?  Find out after this brief interlude...
So yeah, it's the Priest is the killer.  I mean, not really.  Some convict took his place before the movie started.  There you go.  The End.
This movie was kind of disappointing.  I mean, it's not terrible, but the tepid pacing did nothing for me.  I originally watched this movie about two years ago and I was disappointed.  Mind you, I wasn't running a site at this point, but I still probably wouldn't have reviewed it then.  I tried re-watching it recently...and nothing changed.  The movie is a bunch of really great ideas thrown into a pile...but nothing is done with them.  It's a film that is weaker than the sum of its parts.  I love you, Antonio- I really do.  Unfortunately, you've got some problem with me that I have with the Pang Brothers.  These two are apparently great directors, having made such films as Bangkok Dangerous and The Eye series.  To me, though, they are the guys that made Bangkok Dangerous (the 2008 remake) and Forest of Death.  Those movies were not good.  If you love Antonio's works, enjoy his good films like Castle of Blood.  Hell, watch his weirdest film/show: Yor, The Hunter from the Future.  That shit is great!   You can skip this one though.
Up next, Sounds Like Week continues with a very-obscure Stephen King horror anthology.  Meow.  Stay tuned...

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