Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forgotten Toons: Centurions

What is your definition of 'extreme?'  Is it related to some sport involving seventeen year-olds crashing and wrecking their junk in YouTube videos?  Is it related to an energy drink that's 80% sugar?  To me, the answer is simple: power.  That's right- POWER EX-TREME!
If you've never seen this show, you're probably confused by that introduction.  Basically, there's an evil villain trying to take over the world with an army of robots.  Standing in his way are a trio of aerial, ground and sea experts, alongside a woman in a satellite and a monkey.  Don't worry- it's not Link.  They beam into action via the satellite and get armored suits beamed down to them.  For some reason, they have to say 'Power Ex-treme!' when they do this.  Is it a keyword?  Who knows?  Anyhow, the suits are separate pieces of armor that connect to their jumpsuits like Lego blocks.  That's an interesting design, don't you think?  Each man had two or three suits, designed to fit different needs.  For example, Ace (the aerial guy) had a jet suit and a space suit.  The sea expert had a standard armor and a tougher one- which even carried a depth charge.  By the way, that suit was named- you guessed it- Depth Charge.  Lastly, the ground expert had a suit that was basically just weapons, one that turned him into a motorcycle (Tron fans?) and a helicopter one.  Of course!  When I think about the ground, I think about helicopters!
I would be remiss without mentioning the two additions to the team made in the latter half of it's one season (which ran for 65 episodes).  They introduced Rex Charger, a science expert who had one suit.  His big weapon: an electro-magnet.  No, really.  He also was given the worst color combination they could think of.  Check out his toy for proof.
 The second was John Thunder.  He had a cool knife, a black body suit and everything going his way.  Then they introduced his armor.  It has a giant bow on its back!  Billy Jack is going to be pissed when he hears about this shit!
Honestly, I don't care how cheesy this show could get- I love it.  I grew up watching it as a kid and it has a deep place in my heart.  Every time I hear someone say 'Power Ex-treme,' I think of this show.  Mind you, that doesn't happen too often, but you get my point!  It had great action, good animation and a plot that any could rationalize as making sense.  If you don't take it seriously, you can have a damn good time with it.  Hell, they're even pretty good about minimizing the re-use of animation.  It's a crying shame that this show does not have a DVD release!  I can get a dozen shitty, short-lived shows, but not this one?  Correct this offense now or I'll have Max Ray put on that suit you're looking at and get you!
Next up, let's take a look at another Boomerang favorite.  This one is about a planet of aliens, monsters and...cavemen?  Stay tuned...

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