Friday, September 24, 2010

Mondo Dictionary: Russian Murder Judo

Well, I joked with one of my friends (and a fellow member) about doing this induction, so here it finally is.

Moscow Heat is a Direct-to-DVD action film that squanders the opportunity to feature Adrian Paul in a major role.  Instead, it features an unknown guy named Alexander Nevsky (no relation- I think) and Michael York.  No, really.  While Nevsky looks like a dull version of WWE's Chris Masters and can't run, he does have one thing on his side- Russian Murder Judo!

The guy knows Sambo, which is the Russian equivalent to Judo or CQC, and uses it in the film- once.  Right near the end, he ends a fight by just dead-lifting a guy, placing him over his back and snapping his neck!  This inspired him to create the new name for this technique- Russian Murder Judo!

* Now that he's got a mention on the page & credit for one of these, let's see if he'll comment*

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