Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Hard Hunted

In case you think that I'm slacking, here's a return of an old classic and a new standard...

In Andy Sidaris' Hard Hunted, the evil Kane (now a young, white Brit) is after an undercover agent.  He sends Al 'He's in Everything!' Leong to kill her and get it.

After getting half of that done, he chases our heroines in his tiny Helicopter while they are in a Dune Buggy.
They run by some nearby Police (in the Arizona Desert) who answer the call!
For some reason, they feel safer behind the ironic 'Welcome to Sedona' sign than in their car for the shoot-out and...
...get blown up.
To sum up: Police are killed into a very hostile situation in what you must assume is a pretty boring place to work.  They die in a silly fashion.

The moral: don't be a Movie Cop that isn't a Lead.  How have they not learned yet?!?
Damn you, impossibly-tiny missiles!

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