Friday, August 4, 2017

Hulu Hoopz: The Handmaid's Tale- Episode 9

I tried to delay wrapping up this Season, but my loose Schedule is what it is.  One more to go after this...
We finally see the official hand-off of the child from Handmaiden to 'Mother' as one of them is given to a new Family.  It doesn't go well, as you might expect.
 June/Offred works with the Resistance, but that means going back to the Jezebels.  Can she do it?
She runs into Moira again and, well, things don't go as well as she'd hope.  Will the plan work?
For the climax, she's brought in to deal with an emergency.  Can she be of any help?

What will come of Offred/June, Moira and the rest?  No SPOILERS.  The End (for now).
How long until Season 2?!?  Joking aside, this is a good Episode, giving you a little bit of what you need for closure, but also leaving the door open for more in the Finale.  For better or worse, June does not truly escape her situation- not yet, at least.  She is still waist deep in a Patriarchal Dystopia.  She knows that hope is out there, but it has yet to truly come for her.  She is a great example of a Character who stays strong in spite of everything.  She fights as much as she can while still staying alive to get back to her Daughter.  She is proof that a 'common woman' is not nearly so common.  This Episode still leaves a lot dangling in the wind- like the fate of Emily- and I have to wait patiently.  What will happen in the finale?  There's still time to catch up, so tell your friends...
Next time, we wrap things up with Episode 10.  How will things end (for now)?  See you then...

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