Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hulu Hoopz: The Handmaid's Tale- Season Finale

The end is nigh!  Will this wrap up in a more satisfying way than the Book?  I might as well enjoy this Episode that I didn't realize I even had at first...
When bad truths are revealed, Offred/June's life gets darker and more complicated.  What truth shocks her to her core?
Mrs. Waterford gets ever more desperate.  How far will she go?
During all that, we get a glimpse at what Canada is like.  Coincidental Political stuff is coincidental.

All of this leads to a big moment in the Square, an obvious callback to the 1st Episode.  How different will things go this time?
As the Season wraps up, do things end up with some hope or just in a dark place?

See you next year to find out.
A good, solid Episode.  The use of Flashbacks this time is minimal, but effective.  Seeing the part of the Training/Initiation that we didn't see before is nice.  It also ties nicely to the rest of the Episode's Theme of trying to create unity.  Push these people together and you get a uniting force.  I won't lie though- this one is a rough one.  There is a bit of physical abuse in this one, but the emotional kind is obviously more painful.  I won't SPOIL the Scene, but...damn!  Speaking as a man who will never be a Mother (obviously!), I can still totally relate to this bit thanks to the creative use of Sound, the Staging and, of course, the Acting.  That is an Emmy moment.  The rest of the Episode has its fair share of that, be it June's monologues, the nuanced evil of Mrs. Waterford, the more subtle evil of Mr. Waterford or Aunt Lydia's complex love-hate relationship with the Handmaids.  It is all nice and deep, even when it could just as easily be simple.  As far as wrapping things up, this one is more about setting up new Scenarios and seeing how they will play out in Season 2.  You obviously can't do TOO much until you know that you are going to end the Show.  As it is, the overall feeling I'm left with is hope, which is nice to have in times like this.  *hums 'American Girl' by Tom Petty*
Next time, we...oh, NOW I'm out of Episodes.  See you next time I can then...

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