Sunday, August 6, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 10

This one is all about Plot...albeit 1,503 of them running concurrently...
Important Moments
- Dougie Cooper is targeted in a roundabout way by BOB Cooper, being given the blame for denying an Insurance Claim against the Casino.  Complicated!
- Richard Horne is a dick, abusing two women and stealing from his Grandmother.
- Lynch and company don't trust Diane after they find the text from last Episode.  In addition, sparks fly between Albert and the Police Mortician.
- The corrupt Cop works with Richard to hide the evidence.  He's so inept that LUCY knows that something is up.
- Alex Jones Parody.  Nadine Cameo.
- The Log Lady returns.  That was unexpected.
- Lynch gets a random vision of Laura Palmer.  On top of that, we learn that BOB Cooper is connected to that random killing in NYC that hasn't been mentioned in ages.  Alright...
For this Week, I'm going with Abuse...
- Diane abusing Lynch's trust.
- That jerk with Seyfriend (for like 10 seconds)
- The corrupt Deputy abusing his station.
- Dougie's big boss abusing his station to set him up for death.
- Richard Horne.  All of that.
Weird Moment(s)
- A runner-up has to be Dougie's 'O-Face.'  Thanks for that!
The real Winner, of course, is the weird combination of Johnny (who is apparently just pretending at all times) tied to a chair and staring at his even creepier Teddy Ruxpin.
A strange, random Episode.  In other words, par for the course.  For someone who doesn't like Golf, I say that expression a lot.  Anyhow, this one sure is...kind of dark.  In the first 10 minutes, we see Richard seemingly-kill a relative who 'ratted' him out AND a random cut to that drugged out asshole yelling at Amanda Seyfried.  Way to open the Episode!  Later on, we get the rough Scene with Richard and his Grandmother.  Playing that weird audio of Not Teddy Ruxpin in the background only makes it weirder, not better.  Not counting that stuff, the Episode has some weird, weird stuff.  It is nice to see all of the Plots get some follow-through- well, most of them.  It is still not 4 minutes of Plot and 45 minutes of black-and-white insanity though.  This one is dark, but still worked for me as an easy watch.  It gives you enough nuggets to keep you watching.  Sadly, one of those nuggets is still not the return of regular Cooper...
Next time, more information is given and someone will sing at the end.  At this point, that's all I can promise.  See you then...

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