Sunday, August 13, 2017

Twin Piqued: Part 11 (aka There is Fire Where You Are Going.)

Another week in Twin Peaks has come to an end.  It is crazy as hell, which you should expect by now...
Important Moments
- Miriam apparently survived her Trailer Park attack.
- Seyfried is suddenly a Character again, taking her Mom's car to try and kill her boyfriend.  She later reunites with her Mom and Bobby Briggs.
- The Log Lady calls Hawk and warns them of the fire where they are going.
- They go to where Lillard told them the Portal was and they see all sorts of crazy stuff (see below).  The Woodsman show up and kill someone.
- Dougie is randomly called towards the Red Room, but doesn't go.
- The reunion of Bobby, Shelly and Becky is interrupted by a kid accidentally shooting a gun.  A rude lady behind the scene keeps honking until her kid appears to be possessed!
- Dougie Cooper is sent to give the Insurance Check to the Mitchums.  They want him dead.  Thankfully, Jim Belushi's random dream saves the day.  Of course!
The key Theme here has to be Life and Death...
- Miriam survives (for now).
- Becky tries to kill her boyfriend.
- They find a dead body by the Portal.
- Someone is killed by the Portal.
- The Mitchums plan to kill Dougie.
Weird Moment(s)
The real winner here is the whole bit with the Portal.  You've got an inexplicable Portal, the Woodsmen, the Scanners moment and the fact that they show the outside view of it with no F/X.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the random Red Room bit...
Bizarre, random stuff.  This one manages to go a whole Episode without showing BOB Cooper- sorry, Bob.  They replace his appearance with all sorts of other craziness.  The Woodsmen strike!  Belushi is driven by his dreams!  Seyfried's mega-acting!  The freaking Portal!  This is all a quick, simple watch.  I won't pretend that most of it made sense, but it was an easy watch.  The first half was stronger for me than the first one, but that is mostly because of Dougie.  It was weird and funny- now it is just weird.  Lynch is really going to make us wait- dammit.  The mix of weird, serious and random as far as Tone kind of worked for me better than some of the earlier Episodes.  Like most Episodes of this weird-ass Season, it was just a strange trip...
Next time, another week in the crazy old town.  What will possibly happen next?  See you then...

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