Saturday, April 15, 2017

TV on the Internet: Marvel's Iron Fist (Part 2)

After not hating the Pilot and not hating Episode 2-7, will the Streak continue?

Iron Fist is the most polarizing Show so far made by Marvel.  How does it turn out?
The Show goes on the road as Danny, Colleen and a reluctant Claire take the fight to The Hand.  Episode 8 has the big fight that the Internet pines over.
On top of that, the issue within Rand puts the siblings at odds.  Will their secrets be the end of their relationship?
Will the secret that Colleen has been keeping be a deal-breaker?  Will it be too much for even her?
Will this mystery man be the help that Danny needs or a liability?  Can they stop The Hand?
Even if he can stop The Hand, can Danny save himself from his internal issues?

To find out, watch the remaining Episodes of the Show.
 It still doesn't disappoint.  For those of you waiting to see me turn on the Show, it isn't happening.  I stuck with the Show and made it through it relatively-quickly.  I wasn't hanging on every Plot Point and I didn't 'binge watch.'  I just watched it on a regular basis over about a 2 week period.  To put it into context, I could have stopped watching it for awhile to finish watching Luke Cage.  Instead, I watched this Show to completion and THEN started trying to finish that Show.  I won't tell you that Iron Fist is a revolutionary, must-see Netflix Show.  It has good Action, a good Story and good Acting all around.  At worst, it indulges in some cliches.  It doesn't break the mold in any major way.  In spite of that, I like the Show.  While I've got you, can we just deal with the fact that Finn Jones is 'Danny Rand?'  Is it really better to pick this guy just because of his Race?  I'm just saying...
For me, the final stretch didn't disappoint.  The worst thing I can say is that it leaves alot open for future Shows.

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