Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Crazy Youth: That Time that Johnny Bravo Dated an Antelope

As a kid, I loved Johnny Bravo.  It was so odd, random and goofy.

Sure, they eventually 'jumped the shark' by focusing more on him with his Aunt and some kid.  They weren't all bad, but they weren't quite the same.  In other words, they were equivalent to post-Fox Futurama or post-Fox American Dad.

Note to Shows: never leave Fox and switch Networks.  That also applies for NBC- right, Community?

The Show had so many odd Episodes, but this one stands for a couple of reasons...
This is Johnny Bravo.  He's a Ladies Man.

He was also inspired by a Brad Pitt Film.  No, not Cool World.  This one.
In a Plot that would be new and topical for its time (1997), he tries Internet Dating.  This happens.
In spite of tempting Bestiality, Johnny goes on the date.  It gets weird.
As it turns out, she was actually using Johnny to get back at her boyfriend- this Crab.
Which is more shocking- what happens to Johnny here or the fact that A KID'S SHOW has a Crab involved in a (presumably sexual) relationship with an Antelope?

How would that even work?!?
Wow.  Just wow.  Johnny Bravo was always a weird, funny Show.  Yes, the quality did drop over time.  What Show is still cranking out their best work 7 years in?  I feel like I'm paraphrasing someone here, but I can't think of who.  In any event, this Episode is an odd one.  Johnny dates an Antelope.  Antelopes talk- at least, this one does.  Antelopes get Driver's Licenses.  Antelopes think they can drive Cars.  An Antelope is dating a Crab.  Seriously how does that even work?!?

If you remember Shows like this from when you were younger, they are worth giving another look.  Some may be dated as hell and not that funny to you anymore.  On the other hand, they might still hold up and prove to be weirder than you remember.  Plus, you never know what kind of name you'll see in the Credits...
Pretty strange stuff as a kid.  As an Adult, it feels even weirder!

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