Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holiday Flix: The Suns of Easter Island

When in doubt, go with the pun.  Hey, it worked for Thanksgiving!  Today's Film is The Suns of Easter Island, a French Film about the famous Island.  It is all very weird, but it does have Easter in the name.  Who knew that those Natives were so into hiding eggs?!?  It is, of course, not about Easter one bit.  I did Blaxploitation for Thanksgiving and British Sci-Fi for Earth Day, so why not this?  It is all very...Arty.  Yes, that word gets thrown around alot.  It totally fits here though.  The rough plot involves 6 random people drawn to Easter Island for a big event.  I just hope it isn't another Al Capone's Vault situation!  I don't pretend to be an expert on French Cinema.  That said, I try to track down the weirdest stuff out there.  Be honest- how often do people talk about this Film?  Is this Film super-deep?  Does it touch upon life's greatest mystery?  Is it pretentious as all hell?  To find out, read on...
A Scientist working on Solar Power is the key to this mystery- an event that brings together 6 disparate people.

One day, he wakes up with a mysterious mark on his hand.  As he narrates to us in a bit, this kind of thing happens all over the World!
The Film spends the next half hour or so introducing the random people to you, including a Horse Breeder and a Doctor overseas.  It is all very...zzz...
Before they meet up, we get all sorts of random stuff highlighting mysteries of the World like random Hieroglyphs.
They also make a point of diagramming the mysterious marks, which adds...well, nothing.
The group sure do talk like Intellectuals from the 1970s.  I mean...just...this.
Over an hour in, the group is finally united and travels to the titular Island.  Naturally, this happens.
They do a whole ceremony and try to commune with some sort of alien force.  Does it work?
Yes and no.

The Aliens apparently reject us, but may return later.  Did you expect more from a French Film?
The group agrees to be ready for the return of said Aliens and to evolve the World.  O-kay.  The End.
Complicated and pretentious stuff.  In other words, I should have made Bob watch this.  To be clear, the Film isn't bad.  It is just so crazy and full of itself.  Someone turned a 2,000 page dissertation into a Film.  It is complicated.  Should I be impressed?  Yes.  Someone clearly put alot of work into all of this.  I just...just don't.  This is dense, convoluted stuff that I'm sure will impress many.  It is all about deep thought, studies and thinking about the World.  I'll stick with Killer Rabbits, thank you very much.  Joking aside, The Suns of Easter Island is an underrated and very obscure Film.  Sure, it has a Title Card made on craft paper and double Subtitles (with the English ones) alot, but...good (just for you- not me).
Happy Easter, folks.  Try not to grow metal studs on your hands today.

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