Friday, April 7, 2017

Quick Reviews: Resident Evil- The Final Chapter

After so many Films, do you really believe that this in 'The Final Chapter?'  Are they being honest where Jason and Freddy were not?  Let's see...
We begin with a brand new Retcon for why the T-Virus was made.  Joy.

As a bonus, Nepotism.  The Daughter of the Director and the Star is now this girl/The Red Queen!
Milla narrates one *final* time, now complete with clips from the Films.  They are still ignoring Resident Evil: Apocalypse though.
In yet ANOTHER Retcon, the whole Ending of the last Film was pointless, the old villain is now a good guy and a villain-turned-hero is now a villain again.

Oh and also has no Powers still AND most of the Cast is gone.  No Leon or Ada Wong here!
The World is now even worse than ever as Umbrella now has always wanted to destroy the World!
With their numbers, their zombie horde and their weapons, can they be stopped?
Will Wesker (now with own share of Retcons) win the day or will Alice save humanity?  To find out, watch the Film (coming soon to VOD).
Pick a Story!  The Resident Evil Game Series appears to be hitting peak quality again with something completely new.  In contrast, the Resident Evil Film Series comes to an end (we hope!) with a weird mess of a Story, brown Visuals and the usual silliness.  Milla still can't really act.  Bless her for trying at times here, but it is like getting blood from a stone.  She's not aided by the stilted Acting and Directing from pretty much everyone else in the Film.  I'm too nice to pick on her Daughter here, although she does at least seem to try.  The biggest problem is just the silly nature of the Retcons.  The Ending of the last Film doesn't matter.  Characters introduced in Part 4- gone.  Characters introduced in Part 5- gone.  There is not even a mention of Leon or Ada Wong that I noticed.  Everything that people associate as being bad about this Film- the Acting, Writing, Action Scenes- is still present and accounted for.  There is some genuinely-good CG here at times and some creativity is shown.  If someone were to tell me that they were just more re-used Characters from the Games, of course, I would not be surprised.  If this is the Final Chapter, it doesn't do anything to feel like a big climax.  They keep TELLING you that it is, but it isn't.  On the plus side, this weird T-Virus Dragon thing is cool (even if its Scene is just filler)....
After 5 of these things, was the bar that high?  Considering that, the Film has a few good moments that just get lost in all the nonsense.

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