Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Crazy Youth: That Time That The Ghostbusters Fought C(a)thulhu

While I was not allowed to watch this Show much as a kid, I can watch it now.  With the classic Show now Streaming on Netflix, I decided to pick one of the 3,000 Episodes (more like 100 or so) to cover.  Naturally, I picked...
The Necronomicon has come to NYC and is being shown at the Public Library.  When it is stolen, Ghostbusters are called in.

As a bonus, references!  Look that last one up, Internet- I did.
Naturally, a Cult has stolen it and plans to resurrect The Ancient One!
The Ghostbusters run across the Star Spawn away.  Our Heroes!

To be fair, they are trained to fight Ghosts and not Elder creepies.
They find a lady who's an expert (and named after the Publisher of Lovecraft's Stories) and she helps them best a Shoggoth.

Ultimately, the secret to stopping Cathulhu comes old Comic Book.  Why it is written in Cyrillic is anyone's guess.
The Cultists can't be stopped as they summon the creature...who is now red for some reason.
As they try to find a way to save the World, they ask a quotable question...
They manage to zap a Roller Coaster (as the creature rises at Coney Island) and lightning kills it.

I suppose that is better than the Aliens from Signs, but...not by alot.  The End.
Far more than a deep, dark evil.  This Episode is quite fun.  Early on, they set up the Story, but then make time to set up the Characters.  This is deep into the super-long 1st Season, so none of this is new.  The group all get nice little moments throughout this Episode.  With that out of the way, the Episode is chock full of references and Lore.  You get Star Spawns, a Shoggoth, some Cultists and the creature itself.  They sure have fun with the concept all around.  Having them randomly get forced to take the Subway to get to Coney Island though- what was the point?  I guess you could argue they had to balance out the legitimate scares (for kids) that they go for.  It just felt odd for me though.  It is a real fun Episode though and a good showcase for the Show as a whole.  Just because I'm a dick, here's the shot where they show the Necronomicon Story in the Newspaper.  For some reason, it is just random text about Instruments...
Damn fun stuff, even from a general non-fanboy.  The use of 'real' lore accentuates the feel of this Episode.

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