Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Flix: Teen Titans- The Judas Contract (2017)

Remember back in 2006 or so when DC promised to make this famous Tale as a Film?  Well, it finally happened...
The Teen Titans are going after Brother Blood, now branded as a slightly-less-evil David Misgavich.

To note, this is not following the Comics, but rather recent stuff like Son of Batman and Justice League vs. Teen Titans.  THIS is the real DCCU.
Brother Blood is an evil Industrialist/Super-Human who leads a Cult and has an evil, evil plan.
He works with someone who should be dead.

This is arguably a SPOILER, but who doesn't know who the other Villain in this Tale is by now?
In the midsts of all this fighting, Dick and Starfire move in together.  Can their romance last?
What part does the dark, secret past of Terra play in all this?
Will Deadpool...I mean, Deathstroke win?  Can the Titans survive betrayal and dark magic?

To find out, watch the Film- out now on VOD and on DVD/Blu-Ray on the 18th.
It is about time, DC!  This one is good- no doubt about it.  What they do here nicely is build up to this Film if you saw all of the previous ones.  The Story from Son of Batman comes into play here nicely, while the group dynamic built up in Justice League vs. Teen Titans is key here.  At worst, they cheat a little by not introducing Terra in THAT Film.  I nitpick when stuff is good- c'est la vie.  The Animation is good, the Story is good, the Voice-Acting is good and the whole thing looks polished.  I don't have much to complain about.  The one thing that I could have done without in the original Story is handled...better here, but not perfectly.  I get that it is supposed to be weird...but I'd be happier without it.  In any event, fans of the Comic will be happy (even with the changes).  When it is available, go see it.  It isn't like you have anything better to do...
A good updating of the classic Tale with few bits to complain about.  It was worth the wait.

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