Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quick Reviews: Nothing Left to Fear (2013)

After a bunch of disappointing stuff in the last week, can this be the bright, flickering light in the darkness?
A new Preacher and his family have come to a small Town.  This would be a Lifetime Film if the Wife was Melissa Joan Hart.

It is Anne Heche, however, so Horror.
The old Pastor- Clancy Brown- has set them up to take over for him.

As if you didn't know this was Horror, here is Satan/Lex Luthor/Mr. Krabs!
The homecoming is disrupted by a large tooth being left in a welcoming Cake.  That is not Gluten Free!
While the younger Sister suffers, the older one goes out with the bland guy in Town.  Romance!
The Town has a secret and has plans for one member of the family...
Will this Town's secret spell the end for the family?  Will evil win?  Will good survive?

To find out, watch the Film.
Hurray- it didn't suck!  This one is not that unique, but it works.  The Story is pretty unoriginal, yes.  The Setting is not that unique either.  A bit of dark, Satanic stuff in the Heartland of America- what a twist!  Joking aside, this is basically a good Version of a standard, stock Tale.  The Acting is pretty good, feeling natural and never hammy.  Our Male Lead is pretty underwhelming, but not offensively-so.  The Film is interestingly-paced, as it really picks up in the last third.  It slowly builds to something interesting (if not that unique) and sticks with it for a while.  Without SPOILing too much, the Film doesn't set up something neat and then just stop- as is often the case.  It has a good Climax, even if the whole thing ends up in pretty familiar territory.  I was really hoping that they wouldn't go 'Full Manos' at one point here, but they do.  To be honest, this one really stands out as being good especially considering that I watched The Cloth, Embrace of the Vampire and THEN this (all in a week!).  It had a very low bar and managed to clear it quite well.  Nothing Left to Fear is too good for a 'Nothing left to see' tagline.  If you like your low-budget Horror going dark and mildly-interesting, this one works.  The most interesting part- Slash (from G&R) as an Executive Producer
An actually-good Film that mostly works.  While it only has a few real tricks, it still works.

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