Friday, April 14, 2017

TV on the Internet: Marvel's Iron Fist (Part 1)

After covering the Pilot at the height of Internet outrage, I might as well get to covering the rest of the Show itself.

Will the rest of the Show not suck for me?  To find out, read on...
To recap, Danny Rand returns to NYC after 15 years thought to be dead.  Nobody believes him or his tale of Kun Lun, a magical Land.
He has an important, but cryptic mission: destroy The Hand.

No, not that glowing one.
He has to balance a return to his old life, his mission and new people in his life like Colleen Wing.
As he learns new truths about his past, secrets about those around him and what he has to do, will Danny Rand be able to become the Iron Fist?

To find out, watch the (first half of the) show.
Why does everyone hate this?  Iron Fist is not a perfect Show.  It isn't even my favorite Netflix Marvel Show.  Like all of them, they don't rush the Story.  Depending on your point-of-view, that is either an irredeemable aspect or just how these things work.  In this Show's case, you obviously will either love or hate the Story.  Despite all the complaints, it hooked me enough to want to see it through.  Even in this half, they have some good twists and turns.  You get alot more of those in the rest of the Series- naturally.  People are mixed on the Character of Danny Rand, but I liked him.  You just have to realize that the naivety of the Character is something that is eventually overcome.  He's a mix of innocent, idealistic and goal-driven.  As his layers fall apart, he becomes the Character he needs to be.  You just have to stick with it.  All in all, I liked the first half of this Show and stuck with it to the end.  Yes, a Critic liked Iron Fist- alert the media.
While it is not the best Marvel Netflix Show, it isn't terrible.  Am I just watching a different Show?

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