Thursday, December 17, 2015

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Killer of Killers"

After a little break, let's see how the Gang is doing this week...
The B-Plot starts right away, but takes an unexpected turn.  I'm not a dick, so no SPOILERS.
Farther away, the group is eating up and discussing their next move: going back to the Cabin!
Meanwhile, the Detective calls in back-up as she has our heroes cornered.  For once, the 'cavalry' is a bad thing.
She doesn't wait and makes her move on Ash!
That pesky Evil Dead shows up though and all hell breaks loose- again!  Who will survive this Round?  See for yourself.
More bloody fun.  Ash vs Evil Dead has the right formula for this kind of thing by now.  Keep the Plot going, give us some laughs, give us some blood and keep building the mystery.  You could argue that it is almost *too* formulaic- but I won't.  They keep things mixed up well enough to keep things from going stale so far.  We have Deadites this week, but last week we had an actual Demon.  Before that, a possessed person (by said Demon) and a little Deadite action.  The Deadites are pretty much the 'bread and butter' of this Story, so they are here to stay.  This Episode continued to build a bunch of stuff up, while also giving us lots of crazy gore.  This one was pretty damn bloody!  You get some great Bruce Campbell stuff as Ash here, so it is all good.  If you haven't told people about this Show yet, call someone already!
Next time, our heroes are on the move.  Will it be the right one though?  See you then....

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