Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Flix: #Horror

A Horror Film for the Modern Age?  Today's Film is #Horror, a subversive 2015 Horror Film/Thriller.  The Film comes to us from Tara Subkoff, an Actress who had a big presence in the 1990s, but dropped out of the spotlight.  Now she's back to make a Film that is quite divisive.  There appears to be no middle-ground on this one.  This should be quite interesting then, huh?  The Film tells the tale of some young girls- age 12- being stalked as they hang out alone at one of their Mothers' House.  With a heavy emphasis on our current obsession with Social Media, this one is all sorts of topical.  Is it the good kind or the bad kind though?  To find out, read on...
After a couple of sudden deaths in the Intro, we meet a girl who is having all sorts of issues with her family and friends.
She ends up hanging out with her other friends at the House belonging to their Mom (Chloe Sevigny).  She is all about crazy, Modern Art, giving the place a real surreal feel.
The group does all sorts of things I can't relate to- having never been a 12-year old girl- and basically acting all sorts of terrible to each other.

They're this bad and they aren't even Teenagers yet!
 Things take a turn and the group turns on one of the other girls.  She says something bad...but it isn't like they haven't all said worse.
She makes an emotional call to her Father (Timothy Hutton) from the Woods, which only escalates the situation.  They continue to be stalked...
As the killer makes his move and his stalker photos continue to get likes, will any of the girls survive?  To find out, you know the drill.
An interesting watch, even if it is a tough one.  I won't lie- this isn't exactly my kind of Film.  It is slow-paced, all about atmosphere and chock full of unlikable people.  I like my Films to be more fun and fast.  That said, there is alot about this Film that is good and I can at least appreciate it.  The Film has a very natural feel, which is hard enough to do with a normal Cast.  With such a young Cast playing such tricky roles, it is especially-impressive.  Kudos, Subkoff.  The Film was also shot quite well, using the surrounding area to really highlight the isolation of the House.  Speaking of the House, it is chock full of crazy Art.  The Film makes good use of Modern Art to highlight the surreal nature of the whole Film.  The use of all sorts of Social Media imagery (like Hashtags and Emojis) is something that is quite unique as well.  You may love it or you may hate it.  All in all, #Horror is an interesting, thought-provoking Film.  It isn't a fun Film, but it shouldn't be.  With all of this dark, harsh truth, let's lighten things up.  Bring em in, boys!
Next up, I cover a British TV Special for the Holidays.  It is both black and white, so Michael Jackson should feel neutral about the whole thing.  Stay tuned...

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