Monday, December 28, 2015

Internet TV: Marvel's Jessica Jones (Part 2)

Another Review pushed back by the Holidays.  It is here now though!

It is time for Part 2 of the Series Review of...
I'm in a tricky situation here as I don't want to SPOIL a thing.  Let's see how vague and general I can be...

As things escalate with Killgrave/Purple Man (especially in Episode 7!), our Heroine must work with new allies, old family and strangers.  It ain't easy.
She must confront her own past- quite literally at times!- and make peace with people she doesn't like to achieve her goal.
As Kilgrave schemes, plans and acts, can Jessica put a stop to him without losing herself?  Can she save the people she cares about?

No SPOILERS, so...just watch the Show already!
 This one continued to win me over.  As I noted previously, I have not read the Comics featuring Jessica Jones.  I think I own one Comic featuring The Purple Man!  That said, I really, really liked this Show.  While I'm obviously a Marvel fanboy (having gotten Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron for Christmas), I can still approach this Show like most people do.  In that regard, the Show does a good job of setting things up, keeping you hooked and raising the stakes approrpriately.  There are so many great moments in this Show that I really want to talk about.  Of course, by doing so, I may be SPOILing things for someone who may be reading this.  Let's see how vague I can continue to be.  For one, there is the 'Death by 1,000 Cuts' Scene.  How about *the* Police Station Scene?  Both are SOOOO good.  Before I ruin anything, let me switch gears.  Ritter shines as Jessica Jones, Tennant is suave and creepy & everyone else is good in their own way.  Even the Minor Players have Arcs here, from the Crackhead Neighbor to the 'Bitch Down the Hall.'  Considering that this Show features an Actress from Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, that's just a weird bonus.  All in all, it is a really good Show.  What else can I say at this point?  Go see it.  Just bear in mind that the above duo looked a bit different in the Comics...
Netflix continues to deliver with their Marvel Shows.  Can a famous 1970s Comic Book duo keep the trend going?

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