Friday, December 18, 2015

New Flix: Assassination Classroom (2015)

You sure are wacky, Japan!  Today's Film is Assassination Classroom, the Live-Action Adaptation of a strange Anime.  The Story- weird.  The execution- weird.  The Special Effects- also quite weird.  The Story- an Alien shows up on Earth with plans to destroy the Earth.  The only way to stop him- train a bunch of Middle-School Students to kill him.  Of course- what other solution is there?!?  This one doesn't try to play it too straight, so don't get hung up on how little sense it makes.  The real question- is it good?  Considering that I know NOTHING about the Show, I'll only judge it based on what I can see.  Until I make Bob Review the Show, this will have to do...
Who is this weird creature and why are all of the kids pointing guns at it?
He's an evil(ish) Space Alien who will destroy all of the Earth if he can't be killed by end of the Semester.

It is also worth noting that he has super-speed and is nigh invulnerable too.
Thus begins a series of plans to kill the creature.  This thing is so random that nothing can really explain this kind of stuff...
Hell, the fact that the Japanese Government makes an advanced Robot to join the Class is only like the 5th weirdest thing in this Film!
Even this isn't the weirdest thing in the Movie!
This is close...but still not quite it.
As the end of the Semester looms, are our heroes prepared to kill this creature?  At this point, are they too close to it to even want to?  To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
Crazy, but funny stuff.  The whole thing is just patently-ridiculous.  I mean, just...just all of it.  It isn't like the Japanese can't turn something crazy into something almost logical.  Right, Death Note?  In this case, they don't really try.  The Film wears its crazy on its sleeve like a badge of honor.  One thing to note is that they have to obviously age up the Characters.  A bunch of kids that young becoming assassins and pointing guns all the time is acceptable in Animation, but not Live-Action.  Kind of a weird standard if you think about it though.  As such, people that are obviously at least 18 now plays these roles.  If that bothers you, well, there are certainly bigger problems in life.  From what little I know of the Show, the crazy spirit is intact and that is all that matters.  The Film is chock full of crazy, random moments that I imagine are pulled right from the Show.  I will say that it highlights one of the few issues I had with the Show.  At certain points, it appears like Episode Plots from the Show- like the new Teacher- are introduced and dealt with in a condensed manner.  It isn't completely against the formula, but it feels a little off.  Overall though, I really enjoyed it.  I was worried that it was going to be too crazy for its own good- see Cromartie High School: The Movie-, but it walked the fine line of sanity.  Now I just need to get Bob to Review the Show for me...
Next up, some more new Flix to check out.  Is a revisionist take on the Horror Film all it cracks up to be?  Stay tuned...

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