Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Internet TV: Marvel's Jessica Jones (Part 1)

Can they follow up Daredevil?  This is Jessica Jones, a Netflix Show about an even more obscure Character this time.  At least Ben Affleck, Rex Smith and Ben Caruthers got to play that guy!

So who is Jessica Jones and why should you spend around 13 hours watching her Story?  Let me tell you...
This is Jessica Jones.  She's a Private Investigator in New York City.
 Oh yeah, she also has super-powers.  The way they do them is quite nice, as they are generally low-key in their representation.

What has her so worked up?
This guy!

He's Kilgrave and he can mind-control people.  He'll do anything to get control of Jessica again!
Will this psycho get what he wants or will Jessica and her friends put a stop to him?  Find out in Part 2- not that I'm actually going to SPOIL it there.  The End.
Good, good stuff.  For a Character that most people don't know about, they do a good job of selling you on this.  This isn't like Batman with a built-in audience or Spider-Man with a ton of Films featuring him.  Even comparing this to Netflix's Daredevil, that Character has been used enough to be generally well-known.  This is the Netflix equivalent of a Cold Call.  I didn't hang up and you shouldn't either.  Okay- end of Analogy.  The Show works thanks to Krysten Ritter's performance as the Title Character.  She's tough and stern on the outside, but you can see hints of her true self early on.  Even when she 'comes out of her shell' a bit, she's still strict and sardonic.  She really sells the Show.  That is taking nothing away from all of the other Actors involved- it is just her Show.  That said, David Tennant playing a Villain is really fun to see.  He really embraces the Role and just goes all out.  Who would have guessed that a Marvel Supervillain called Purple Man could be so freaky and menacing?!?  With Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and now this, Marvel is showing that anything can be sold if done well.  Jessica Jones may sound like a face in the crowd among your Captain Americas and Thors, but she stands out in her own way...
Can't wait for Part 2?  Me neither- so let me go watch it already!  Stay tuned...

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