Wednesday, December 30, 2015

*My* Top 10 Crazy Films WATCHED IN 2015

After the previous List, let me expand the options.

To qualify, the Films must be...

1. Watched in 2015
2. Crazy

That's it.  These are the weirdest Films I watched in 2015, regardless of when they were made and/or released.  The Films run the gamut of the early 1900s to 2014.  Some of these *just* missed the cut, one of them purely on a technicality.

As a final note, this categorization is based on how crazy they are to me and NOT on quality...

10. Under the Skin: While not my kind of Film, it sure was weird.  An Alien who goes around tricking men and apparently minding their bodies for resources- strange.  In spite of the crazy moments and premise, it was still far too dry and lacking in dialog for me.
9. Bad Biology: The last Film of an eccentric Director?  This 2008 Film is by Frank Henenlotter, so you know to expect the strange.  Even by his standards, this one is crazy as hell though!  A lady with a sex drive that leads her to kill.  A man with a mutated, sentient member.  This one has it all- provided you like freaky stuff.

8. The Magic Cloak of Oz: Going very Old-School for this one.  This Film was made before readily-available Sound, Color Film and most of what we take for granted today.  In spite of that, it brings the crazy with trippy visuals, old-school effects and some freaky costume work.  This kind of stuff is nightmare-fuel now, while it was apparently 'cute' around the time of WWI.  Go figure!
7. Der Samurai: I'm not quite sure what to make of this.  A small Town/Village Cop runs afoul of a cross-dressing man with a Katana.  Chaos ensues.  Weirdness ensues as well.

6. Zebraman 2- Attack on Zebra City: What an odd sequel.  In this Film, our Hero has been split into his good and bad halfs in a dystopian future.  As if the first one wasn't strange enough, they up the ante here.
5. Dead Snow 2- Red vs Dead: If nothing else, it was just alot better than the Original.  The Plot of this one involves Nazi Zombies and Soviet Zombies doing battle in the present day.  Need I say anymore?

4. Society: I'll go into this one more on another List.  Basically, we learn that rich people are super-freaky monsters that absorb the poor into their bodies like Clayface.  How did nobody tell me about this one for so long?!?

3. Zombeavers: Silly and strange.  Horror Comedies are a tricky thing, so combining them with a Creature Feature is doubly-hard.  In this case, it mostly works.  As a comedic venture, the idea of mutated zombie beavers is just great.  The Film doesn't exactly break new ground, but it works for what it is.
2. The Wax Mask: Unlike Society, I have looked for this one for a long time.  After all of the wait, it still met my expectations for the most part.  The Plot sounds simple at first- creepy guy kidnapping people and turning them into wax figures.  At a certain point, however, it gets all sci-fi and you see him use a machine to make them literally into wax.  By the end, he turns out to be a Robot...or something.

1. Roar (1981): A simple Film made strange by careless and insane people.  I just covered this one, but how could it not top the list?  While the Story didn't have inexplicable robots, zombie animals or Zebramen, it did feature real people put in peril by their family!  I still can't figure out the logic of surrounding your new family, your wife and your actual sons with apex predators!  While not as strange in Plot, it absolutely makes up for it in the real action!
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