Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Fire in the Hole'

After escaping a casual Diner (of Death!), the group looks to stock up.  What could go wrong?
The group heads out to the nearby Woods to meet up with some Militia guys.  Why not?
As it turns out, Ash's now-Deadite pal has shown up first and wreaked havoc!
The angry Militia Men lock Ash and the Cop up in a Bunker with the guy since they don't trust them.
Their only hope: these two guys.  Sorry, Ash.
Can they escape with their lives or are they just plain screwed?  Watch the Show and see.
A good old time.  While I'd never want to visit a bunch of gun-toting Militia Men (no offense!), I don't mind watching Ash and company do it.  The Deadites this time are armed, but just as crazy.  The high point: the one dressed like the guy from The Prowler.  His big scene was quite fun and bloody.  In the Bunker, we get some fun action and Character Moments involving Ash and the Cop.  They have to work together to survive, leading to some good moments.  The Show stays fresh by moving around new locales and that is quite prevalent here.  The Bunker especially offers a nice location, as it is dark, dank and claustrophobic.   The Camp is nice too, full of little touches that make it feel real.  All in all, another good, fun Episode of the Show.  It also teaches a good lesson: no matter how bad you may feel when you wake up, it could always be worse...
Next time, the Cabin is in sight.  Will they immediately regret going there?  Stay tuned...

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