Friday, December 18, 2015

Quick Reviews: THX-1138

As the World is focused on the new Star Wars Film, let's go back to where it all really began...
In a bleak future, everyone is given a number and made into disposable drones.

To note, I apparently have the 2004 Version, so I don't know how many of these Effects are original to the 1969 Film.  That's our Lucas!
Some people work in dangerous Factories (like Robert Duvall) and others observer everyone (like Donald Pleasance).
Duvall ends up hooking up with his roommate after she switches his pills.  Their copulation is illegal!
He is sent to a blank-looking Prison with other convicts- like Pleasance- but wants to find his lady.
The pair make separate escapes and we see the first hint of Lucas' love of showing blips on grids.
His escape and is hindered by these shadow-dog-things.  Is this Lucas adding shit to his own Movies again?
In an ironic twist, they stop pursuing him when the effort goes over-budget.  Wah wah!
Much like Logan's Run, he makes his way out into the real, outside world.  What will happen next?

Oh right- no Sequel.  I guess he dies.  The End.
Well, this one sure was different.  After all of the hype, THX-1138 delivers...but also doesn't.  As a well-thought-out Sci-Fi Film, it sure works.  As a fun experience, it really doesn't.  It is super-dry.  That may work for many of you, but it didn't work as well for me.  I won't deny that it is well-made, but it just kind of bored me.  Sorry, Internet.  I can't fault Lucas and company for building a unique and deep world.  I wanted to like it alot more than I did.  From a historical standpoint, you can see this as a first draft of what would come.  You get a version of the Empire (kind of), some Troopers that look like a cross between the Stormtroopers and C-3PO (see below) and some other stuff mentioned above.  The Acting is good and I can't complain about any of the technical stuff.  I can't be 100% sure what was in the Original and what Lucas added in the 2004 release (since I've only seen this one), so it is a little hard to judge the Film's Effects too much.  By the way, this is now the 2nd Lucas-related Film to feature Johnny Weissmuller Jr in a Suit....
A good, if dense and arty Film.  It is a big change from the guy who would make Jar-Jar! 

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