Friday, December 4, 2015

TV on the Internet: Ash Vs Evil Dead- 'Brujo'

Ash and company continue on their journey to save the World- if for no other reason than to get it over with!  What happens this week...
Lucy Lawless shows up and reveals her back-story (no SPOILERS though) to the Detective.

Will they catch up to Ash?
Speaking of which, the other half of the Title is on the move and wants to get Ash!  Drive faster!
They meet up with the Shaman and he promises to try and make Ash into the Hero he needs to be.
Ash goes on a spirit journey, speaks to a lizard and tries to find out what makes him tick these days.
Unfortunately, evil (not capitalized) doesn't let you rest and comes for Ash in his vision.  Will he survive?!?
Some weird stuff indeed.  This one gives you alot of the weird and a small taste of the scary.  It was nice to learn more about Lucy Lawless' Character and her motivation.  The mystery of her Character has been interesting, but I definitely like the reveal.  The titular Evil Dead effect was done quite nicely here in dramatic fashion.  You don't get it that way too often, so it stands out.  The big draw of this one is the crazy drug trip that Ash goes on.  It sure is strange!  The whole thing sure was ridiculous fun.  The build-up to the next Episode is nice and I definitely want to see where it goes.  As a bonus, they found time to include clips from WOW- Women of Wrestling.  That sure is random!
This one is getting super-weird and crazy.  I can't wait to see where the hell this goes next!

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